Residential Rewires IN Buckinghamshire 

If your property needs additional powers points, the wiring requires updating or fuseboards want replacing, we can help at Evolectric. Our domestic electrical rewiring in Buckinghamshire provides a speedy and efficient solution helping you to rewire all areas of your home.

As one of the leading experts for home electrical wiring, we provide cost-efficient services to customers throughout High Wycombe, Buckinghamshire and the surrounding areas, offering expert electrical services and helping to lower the cost of rewiring a house.
All of our electrical contractors are trained to NIC EIC standards and have many years of experience completing electrical rewires in customer properties. We serve clients large and small, working on all sizes of houses and always ensure we carry out our services to superior standards, to leave our clients totally satisfied with their house rewire.       
Domestic Home Rewiring Involves 

  • Full electrical installations
  • Solutions tailored to your requirements
  • All work tested and fully certified
  • NIC EIC domestic installers
  • Any size or scale of residential rewire

Rewiring a house improves the efficiency of your property and ensures your wiring and circuit breakers are up to date. You can add additional sockets, improve the lighting and ensure your property complies with the latest regulations by having it professionally rewired.

Lowering the cost of property rewires

The cost of rewiring houses can be expensive but we promise to deliver a value for money solution here at Evolectric. You will be given superior service levels when you contact us to make an enquiry, for more details please don’t hesitate to call us on 01494 623020

01494 623020